PuuCraft Map #9 - Changes

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PuuCraft Map #9 - Changes
« on: April 28, 2018, 03:55:30 pm »
PuuCraft Map #9 - Patch Notes
April 29th, 2018

Removed the Essentials plugin in place of a more customizable solution which will hopefully better suit the needs of the community.
Removed the MobArena plugin due to lack of interest and heavy resource use.
Removed the ecoCreature plugin in place for Jobs, which will provide rewards not only for killing mobs, but other actions as well.
Introduced a plugin that should reduce lag whilst multiple worlds are being utilized at the same time.
Removed plugin which allowed for money-based ranks, as we are moving back to time-based rankups.
Removed LWC in place of Lockette, as many players complained about the complexity of LWC. Lockette also utilizes less resources and will hopefully ease lag.
Shipped a newer version of our custom Day Voting plugin which improves chat messages for votes and general vote handling.
Added a new plugin to handle ingame currency, you can now access your balance by using “/money” rather than “/bal”.
We are now using a custom high-resolution Dynmap configuration which should look better and also allow you to see more detail on Dynmap.
We are now using a newer, custom plugin that allows for the usage of kits. The command to get a kit is now “/giveme” instead of “/kit”

Selling prices for Cactus will be reduced significantly in order to discourage low-quality cactus farms.
AFK machines are now clearly defined as being against the rules and will result in a temporary ban and rank reset (due to time-based ranks).
Stealing from unlocked chests CANNOT be punished for! It is the fault of the player that did not lock their chests from now on.

Ingame chat announcements will now be seen every 180 seconds (was 150 seconds).
Added 6 new unique announcements to assist newer players.
There will now be a mandatory maze for first-time players to go through before playing in order to learn the ropes of the server.
Reduced the price of creating a chestshop to $15 (was $100)
Cleaned up kits and general improvements to the kit system.
Addition of more kits for Member, Trusted, Respected, Elite, and Donator ranks.

Cleaned up messages with AuthMe and ChestShop in order to provide more clarity for players.
The ingame chat now uses a completely new color scheme.


Newbie      -> Starting Position
Member      -> 1 hour of playtime
Trusted     -> 12 hours of playtime
Respected   -> 48 hours of playtime
Elite       -> 96 hours of playtime
Helper      -> Given as needed
Moderator   -> Given as needed
Admin       -> Given as needed

AFK machines will result in a 7 day ban & a loss of two ranks.
All players from Map #8 will keep their rank, however it has been adjusted downwards by one rank in order to promote gameplay.

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