Installing mods for beta 1.7.3 using new launcher

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Installing mods for beta 1.7.3 using new launcher
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:11:49 pm »
So, when Microsoft updated Minecraft launcher lately (to this colorfull mess), apperently they changed way of installing mods once again, and since people on this server (namely UNuX) wants to know how to do it, I'll show you

Things you need to have(based on Windows, find alternatives for other systems)
-Notepad++(or some patience)
-NoVirusThanks MD5 Checksum Tool (or other tool capable of generating SHA1 checksums)
-7Zip or WinRAR or something capable of opening .jar files
1. Download game through launcher, then close it
2. Go to .minecraft/versions (Windows: Open start menu, type %appdata%, press enter; Linux: It's in your home directory, hidden; Mac: ??? )
3. Find directory b1.7.3, copy and paste it back, change name of new directory to b1.7.3.something
4. Open that directory, change name of jar and json files accordingly to your directory name

5. Open json file, find this string of text:
Code: [Select]
{"client":{"sha1":"43db9b498cb67058d2e12d394e6507722e71bb45","size":1465375,"url":""}},"id":"b1.7.3"6. Change the id bit to be your directory name(so in this example: "id":"b1.7.3.something" ). Keep the notepad window opened
7. Now open your jar file with 7Zip or WinRAR or whatever and install the mod as stated in instruction (in case of no instructions, typically you need to delete META-INF directory and copy any .class files and directories from the mod archive directly into your jar file)
8. Open MD5 Checksum Tool and drag and drop .jar file onto it

9. Copy the "SHA1 Checksum" and replace what's after "sha1" bit(so in this example: "sha1":"71972FA56C044A4AD6B8B01FA187AA3E16CEA517")
10. Now, if your SHA1 sum is uppercase, like mine, you have to change it to lowercase. If you use Notepad++, highlight the whole string you just pasted and go to Edit -> Convert Case To -> lowercase. If you don't use Notepad++ you need to find an equivalent function in your text editor, or manually change every uppercase letter to lowercase letter. Now you can close the json file
11. Open Minecraft launcher, go to Launch Options and click Add new, choose name for new profile and find version old_beta b1.7.3.whatever

12. Launch the game, if it works, congratulations. If it crashes, then you did something wrong while copying the mod files. If it launches but without mods, you messed up with the sha1 sum, try again

I think I haven't forgot about anything. Enjoy
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