Protecting chests

Posted on: 2018-12-28 by: UNuX

As you play on the server you’ll collect more and more valuable resources, and naturally you would like to protect them. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to protect and share your chests on our server using LWC.

Making your chest private

All chests, furnaces, and signs default to this type of protection when they’re placed. If you’ll make our chest private nobody can take items from your chest or put anything to your chest, but plugins like ChestShop (used for creating shops) still have access to your chests. But you can’t make shops out of other people’s chests.

To create this kind of protection simply use:


And right-click on the chest you want to lock.

To remove protection from your chests simply use:


Our patrons can partially automate this process by assigning this command to their powertool (whenever they’ll right-click powertool in their hand /cprivate will be executed).

Sharing your private chests

You can share only your own chests, chests to If you want to share a single chest with other players use:

/cmodify nickname

or by entire group:

/cmodify g:groupName

and for removing someone from your protected chest:

/cmodify -nickname

or for group:

/cmodify -g:groupName

Don’t forget minus before the nickname, otherwise no action will be taken.

Sometimes listing a few players is not enought, if we want to allow all of the server players to access our chests then we have to remove our protection from it, and then create a new kind of “public” protection:



Now entire server can take/put items into our chest, but no one can make this chest private unless you’ll remove your public protection from it using /cremove.

Password protection

LWC gives you an option to set password protection on given block, unlike the previous protection it allows access to the block for everyone if they know password to access the chest, use this command to set “password” password on a given block:

/cpassword password

and right-click it. Now if anyone wants to access this block they have to enter password upon access it.

/cunlock password

Information about protection

Anyone can view information about any LWC protection by using this command: