Guide to puucraft beta server

Posted on: 2018-12-28 by: UNuX

If you’re a new player it’s strongly recommended for you to read at least the rules.


AFK machines are not allowed in any instance.

Stealing from unlocked chests is allowed, it’s someone else’s problem that he didn’t lock their chest.

Please only use english in the global chat.

Donot build within proximity to other builds, make sure that you don’t interfere with the others.

Remember to ask before joining any town!

Griefing is prohibited.

One player is allowed to have one account.

Building traps is not allowed.

Absolutely no cheating or exploiting bugs.


Ranks are unique aspect of PuuCraft, they are given out to players who fulfill certain requirements such as playtime. On beta server tanks are based on your playtime.

Use /pstats check your playtime and /uprank to rank up once you have the playtime.

Rank name Time needed to get Perks
Newbie - Starting rank
Member 1 hour Allows to use water and lava bucket
Trusted 12 hours Set 5 homes
Respected 48 hours Use colored signs
Elite 96 Hours Set 2 warps
Officer - Moderation

Land protection

Since we have logblock and snapshots of the entire map every 6 hours we choose to not include any land protection plugin, but this is something that we’ll probably change in the next editions.

Right the only way you can protect your land is to message a staff member and ask them for creating worldguard protection.

Players from groups: Elite, Respected and Trusted can build in the protected areas. There is a possibility to allow/disallow certain players to build in your area if you want to.

Basic commands

More detailed explanation of every command here will be added soon.

/sethome - Allows you to set location to which you’ll teleport using /home

/warp - teleport to warp of your choice

/back - go to previous location, before the last teleport

/tpa - request teleportation to chosen player

/day - Used for voting for new day, beds are broken in beta

/weather - Allows you to vote to change weather

/seen - patrons only, allows you to see when given person was online for the last time

/dynmap hide - patrons only, hides you from the dynmap

/money - Used to check balance of your “wallet”

/jobs - On the server we have jobs plugin, use this command and it’s subcommands to choose a job, you’ll get money for doing stuff that is common to given profession

/report - For reporting anything on the server, we’ll know your nickname, location and time when the report was submitted : )