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Grief protection

We believe that server world should be open to anyone but we also know that nothing is ideal. We give our players ability to protect their land from new, not trusted members of our community.

Custom plugins

We're trying to use as little external software as possible, this gives us possiblity to better integrate everything together. We're constantly working towards replacing all external plugins with our own on beta server and possibly replacing old bukkit with custom fork.

Newest on blog: Say hello to our new website! by UNuX 2018-10-13


I’ve been working recently on our new website and here it is! :)

I hope we’ll add some really useful tutorials about modding for our minecraft beta community.

As you might have noticed we’ve got rid of our forum, we did that because it was inactive, everyone is using discord these days. If you’re banned from our server and discord you’ll now have to email us ( I think.

Aside of that I’ve been working on some improvements to the beta server, they still need a lot of polish, but I’ve come so far with:

  • Nearly finished API (online players, bans and some internal purpose functions)
  • Bans will be automagically broadcasted to our #ban-log channel on discord.
  • Chat in #beta will be synced with minecraft server and vice versa :)

Aaaand… there was a small update of our perks on the patreon page, I hope that everything listed there is working perfectly, and if doesn not for you then just message us in the #get-staff-help channel on the discord.

I hope to see you on the server very soon! :)