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Grief protection

We believe that server world should be open to anyone but we also know that nothing is ideal. We give our players ability to protect their land from new, not trusted members of our community.

Custom plugins

We're trying to use as little external software as possible, this gives us possiblity to better integrate everything together. We're constantly working towards replacing all external plugins with our own on beta server and possibly replacing old bukkit with custom fork.

Newest on blog: Recent changes by UNuX 2018-12-27


I’d like to announce some changes that I’ve made over the last week:

  • Website is now loading faster
  • Bans are now visible on the website
  • I’ve also made some tutorials for newcomers, but current players should find there something useful as well (LWC tutorial)
  • Chat is synchronized between minecraft beta server and discord
  • Added /report command

There are still some unfinished things that I’m working on right now, stay tune for new updates very soon : )

Side note: Unofficial classic server might be coming in the next few weeks or so, I’m also looking into hosting modern version server, but I can’t promise anything as of right now, I’m nearly sure that if we’ll make this server it’ll have custom world generation. If you have any ideas for the gameplay and such let us know on our discord : )

There are still many things to change on the server (for example rank syncing) but they probably need a total PuuBot rewrite (its code is… not really nice to work with). But as a bonus I’ll probably add authentication with discord, instead of using passwords. This way nobody will have to worry about password leak (currently they are hashed anyway).